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41 Respuestas a “Lionel Messi vs Espanyol • La Liga • 7/12/14 [HD]”

  1. Yeah, Messi and Ronaldo are great and all. But class only truly shown against top teams not against nobody teams. And sadly, both tend to perform like crap when their teams get dominated.

  2. Messi 2014-15
    20 goals 19 appearences (0 penalties)
    Ronaldo 2014-15
    29 goals 21 appearences (8 penalties)

    Now lets Take away the penalties.

    Messi 20 goals, 19 app
    Ronaldo 21 goals 21 app

    Thats right he only has 1 goal more than Messi in 2 more apearances (Their finishing this season is about the same)
    If you think these stats are lies, here is the link where I got it from

    If Roanldo wins Ballon'dor, He will win it because of penalties.
    If Messi wins it, he will win it for breaking champions league and la liga record, and for taking argentina to the world cup final, but he prolly won't because the ballon'dor is blind, they cant see Ronaldo has 8 penalties.

    Messi deserves the ballon'dor  NO DOUBT!!!

  3. Patetico ver jugar a este barcelona un barcelona que ha hecho que messi se busque sus goles el solo, Muy pocos de ultimos pases en todos al menos una carrera se tuvo que meter, Y lo peor es que en la mayoria que han ganado todos los goles decisivos o jugadas de messi. Soy fan del barca pero tengo que decir que si esto sigue asi esperando todo de messi como en valencia pues  este AÑO EN BLANCO, Porque aunque messi sea un fenomeno en hacer gol y crearlos no lo puede hacer en todos los juegos y menos contra potencias que le ponen buena defensa

  4. this has got to be his best game of the season. His dribbling and free kick skills were back to his best, his vision impeccable as usual, his defensive contribution was great, his pace was unreal, his finishing practically perfect ( 2 long shots, 1 left foot ,2 right foot ( is he practicing his right foot finishing? cause 6 out of his 9 last goals were right footed). And the worst part is that it didn't even seem like he broke a sweat doing it.

  5. whats the fundament of the cristinas penaldo fans to say he is better than messi(? messi: 8 times finalist of ballon d'or. 4 ballon d'or 3 boots d'or. he broke Every sibgle record of the world. he os the player with more goals of the history of la liga, the champions league and he is the player who more assist made in la liga. THE BIG DIFFERENCE BT PENALDO AND MESSI IS THAT MESSI BORN WITH QUALITY. PENALDO HAD TO IMPROVE HIS QUALOTY AND HE HAD YO PERFECTION.. MESSI IS THE ONLY PLAYER WHO COULD BE COMPARE WITH "MARADONA"!!!!!!!!! Penaldo.. has almost 3 players as him and 2 better.. n this century. RONALD (THE REAL RONALDO FROM BRASIL) RONALDONHO AND NOW WITH 22 YEARS NEYMAR. so tell me penaldos fansss WHATS YOUR FUNDAMENT? score goals? playing for hiself and waiting in the small area playing as a 9 for passes of his partners? im sorry to tell you big fan.. that messi is going to win this ballon do or and THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THAT RONALDO HATES HIM BECAUSE HE KNOWS tht MESSI IS BETTER… 😉 make tricks? thats your fundament? Lmfao with tht reasson you can say you have another player and its neymar… so… SHHHHH BITCHES. MESSI IS THE KING OF LOB AND CHIP GOALS. why robaldo never make goals like that? CUZ HE CANT! HE DOESNT HAVE THAT QUALITY THAT MAKE YOU THE BEST AND THE MAGICIAN… 😉 keep dreaming LOSERS.. keep dreaming.. RONALDO: ETERN SON OF MESSI FOREVER AND EVER 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

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